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Established 1998

FeLV / FIV Negative Cattery
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Welcome to Whiskers of Flair Cattery (wiskrofflair). We are a cattery located Salisbury, NC and Christiansburg, VA. . We are fortunate to live an eventful life among the wonders of a feline extended family. Each kitty is loved, pampered and treated like one of the family. Each cat has his/her own unique personality and we cater to that. Each kitty is raised underfoot and is not confined to a cage. Our kitties are fun, playful, healthy and well socialized. They are not timid and usually adjust quickly to their new homes when adopted.

We welcome you to come on in, take a look at our cats and tour our cattery - see cattery tour page.. If you are adopting a kitten from us we welcome you to our home for pick ups. .

In November 2019 we sold our home pictured on this site that was located near Statesville NC. This is the house with the large pink and baby blue cattery rooms you see on this site. We packed up our lives, cats included and moved to Christiansburg, VA. We purchased land in VA to build on but the 2020 virus has put building plans to a hault. We are currently living in a rental house in VA and we constantly house hop between a home in Salisbury, NC and the home in Christiansburg, VA. We will continue to live in our rental house in VA until our new home is completed. This page mentions that we welcome you into our home but this is no longer true, at least not at this time. When we build a new home and new cattery then we will reopen our cattery for kitten pick ups. Please understand our lives are currently going through a transition phase and we will only arrange pick ups at our vet office in NC, public areas or in Salisbury, NC. I look forward to the day when i will have another beautiful cattery to share.



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